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I’m Julie, mom of three, former educator and administrator, and aspiring picture book author. Thanks for stopping by!

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Big Picture 14: Small Wonders, Big Possibilities

Although April in Chicago had its fair share of gray skies and blustery winds, it teased us with sunshine, warmth, and brilliant blue skies. May brings promises of more beautiful weather and more time spent outdoors, making In the Palm of My Hand the perfect picture book for this month. Even more exciting is the…

Big Picture 13: Food Waste

April is here! And Earth Day is right around the corner, which is why I am very excited to share Melissa Coffey and Josh Cleland’s book, Fridge-opolis. Fridge-opolis is a delightful read-aloud about a city dealing with pollution and overcrowding. If you haven’t already guessed from the title, this city is in the refrigerator and…

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Hi, I’m Julie. After leaving my job as a teacher and administrator in 2018, I dove headfirst into the world of picture book writing. When I unexpectedly reentered teaching in 2021, I created this site as a way to connect my work experience with my love for picture books. Read more

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