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A Blog is Born

Little Big Picture Books is my way of connecting the big ideas in picture books to the classroom.

When I unexpectedly found myself back in the classroom this year, I remembered how isolating teaching can feel, especially for teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL). As I sat in an empty classroom, I had vivid flashbacks to my first year teaching ESL. There was no curriculum. There were no textbooks. There was no mentor. And I was the only ESL teacher in my building. I had no idea what I was doing.

And here I was again: sans curriculum and textbook. But at least I had some idea of what I should do.

As I desperately scoured the pages of Teachers Pay Teachers for resources, an idea came to mind. Why not bring my former (and somewhat current) teaching life and picture book writing life together? And that’s how Little Big Picture Books was born.

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