Writing Badges

Remember the days when you traded items with your friends at recess or on the bus? What did you trade?

Around the time I was in second grade, stickers were a big thing. There were many different kinds to collect and we had names for them all: fuzzies, oilies, shinies, etc. “Oilies” were worth more than fuzzies, fuzzies more than shinies, and sometimes you might have to part with several fuzzies to get 1 oily. And, of course, the Sandylion brand of stickers were top of the line.

Though my sticker book is collecting dust in the basement—Yes, I loved it so much it made it into the “things from childhood to keep” pile—I realize that today I am collecting a different kind of sticker: the Badge.

Badges can be earned for various reasons, but all mine have to do with writing in some way. So, welcome to my virtual “sticker book!”

Rate Your Story badge for writing a picture book draft in January.
Badge for subscribing to Children’s Book Insider
Participation Badge for taking part in March on With Mentor Texts. Find all blog posts at Rate Your Story.